We will make a loan on or buy most any item of value.

Gift cards

We accept any gift cards for the amount of $ 50 or more.
walmart, target, gift-card Starbucks and many others.

Bicycles and motorcycles

We accept any two-wheeled equipment in working order. Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, ATVs, etc.

Phones and Notebooks

Phones (ios, android,etc), laptops, tablets, personal computers, electronic watches, headphones and other gadgets in working order.

Gold products

Gold products and jewelry, earrings, rings, chains, pendants, etc.


Cars of any models and manufacturers, depending on the condition and liquidity.


Men's and women's watches, mechanical, sports, jewelry, smart, classic (G-Schock, Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Apple, etc).

Musical instruments

Keyboard instruments, audio systems, microphones, classical musical instruments, speakers, drums, electronic musical instruments, guitars, sound equipment.

Power Tools

Drills, perforators, jackhammers, screwdrivers. etc.


Branded bags - guchi, prado, armani, dolce & gabbana. etc.

Household appliances

Coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, irons, microwaves, juicers.

Branded things

Branded glasses, jewelry, accessories, shoes (new).

Water transport

Water motorcycles, yachts, hydrocycles.


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